2011 is drawing to a close and what a year it’s been! This year, I helped Machinima launch several hit shows, livestream All The Things, and reach 1.1 Billion monthly views. (Plus, I was a pretty awesome vampire.) And now… I’m saying goodbye.

As some of you know, I’ll be moving on from Machinima to a company called the theAudience. It’s been no secret that my passion is music and it’s intersection with social media. theAudience will allow me to marry those passions and work with some incredible artists and people! It will also test Spellcheck’s ability to start sentences without a capital letter without totally freaking out.

Speaking of people, I want to take the time to really highlight the amazing people at Machinima. I don’t think the fans realize just how many truly talented, creative, passionate, driven, and phenomenal people work there. I literally walk around my office telling people how wonderful they are – and I mean it every time. The staff at Machinima is made up of some of the kindest, most gifted people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. As incredible as you think these people are, you are wrong because they are better than even your wildest dreams.

I want to give a shoutout to my amazing team. I’ve had the difficult task of building our Online Marketing department from the ground up and my team made it easy as pie. I’m lucky to have a group of talented individuals to support and grow our department, lending their unparalleled skills to our communal vision. As sad as I am to leave them, I know that they are going to rise to the occasion and exceed even my wildest expectations of them! The department has been left in the best hands possible to take it to the next level.

The amount of epic win in Machinima’s staff made it a difficult decision to leave. As you can see from my hastily constructed banners, these folks are a big part of my life. They aren’t just coworkers – they are friends. They are people that I hope I will know for the rest of my life.

With a staff like that, Machinima will continue to be a wild (and well-deserved) success. Every person there loves the company, and the gaming industry, and (most of all) the fans. I cannot tell you how much agonizing goes into trying to do what we believe is right for our fans every day. Machinima is a company that believes in it’s fanbase. I don’t think I’ve ever seen another company that cares more about it’s fans. It’s hard to find the balance between being a “company” and being a “community” but I think Machinima does an amazing job of that. The amount of love that the staff feels for what we do and the people who watch us do it is simply staggering.

I’ll be staying on with Machinima through the end of the year (because Santa would put coal in my stocking if I left my team to work over the holidays). But even after I leave, I hope to always be a part of the Machinima family.

As I said, leaving Machinima was a hard decision to make. But it’s also the right one for me, personally. One of the amazing things that Machinima is doing is (to use some totally new-age corporate speak) disrupting the TV model. Machinima and other online video makers are literally changing the way that we, as a culture, experience and consume video. It’s like what cable did to broadcast TV.

I want to disrupt music. I want to change the way artists, labels, management companies… the entire music industry interfaces with their fans and consumers. Music has had a hell of a time adapting to a post-Napster world. Even with Napster officially dead, the music industry is still struggling to adapt to the digital world. Things like iTunes and Spotify have made revolutionary changes but I think there is more work to be done. And I want to be a part of that. With theAudience, I believe I can be. I truly believe in the power of social media to radically change business and culture. It already has. And it will only continue.

I love music. I truly, truly love music. And I love social media. Billboard charts and EdgeRank are things that keep me up at night. Music is what I know. It’s what I went to school for. It’s what I’ve worked on and in since I was 15 years old. I’ve made some big career jumps before; from pro-audio to touring, touring to gaming. Working at Machinima has given me an amazing new skillset and some new eyes to apply to what I love most. I’m stoked to apply both skill and passion to my new position at theAudience. I’m hoping that I’m going to find a bunch of coworkers who are just as driven, talented, and phenomenal as my soon-to-be-former coworkers at Machinima. Knowing a few people over there already, I’m certain this will be the case. And since our offices are so close, hopefully I can just introduce everyone and we can have some of the best post-work dinner hangs ever known to mankind!

So thank you Machinima – from company to coworkers, fans to friends. It’s been an amazing two years. I grew from answering YouTube mail and QAing applications that didn’t exist to heading a department and contributing to top level strategy. It’s been great watching the company grow and exceed almost everyone’s expectations. It’s been so fun being able to talk to the fans every day and help to make sure their voice is a part of everything we do. I’m excited to see what you are all going to do next. Thank you for all the opportunities, the awesome times, and the ability to be a vampire on a bi-monthly basis!

To theAudience, I’m excited for this! 2012 might be the end of the world so, before the apocalypse, let’s bring the noise and change the world! I have a mark a mission a brand a scar to bring music back to the fans and fans back to the music. Together, I really believe that we can change the landscape of music and it’s digital space. Rev up the engines, I’m ready to rock and roll!

We could change things back. If we dreamed. We are dreams of the carrion kind, they say, and perhaps it is so. But if enough of us dream… if a bare thousand of us dream… we can change the world. We can dream it anew. – Neil Gaiman, ‘Dream of a Thousand Cats’   

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2 Responses to “Ch-ch-ch-changes”

  1. Here’s to the grand new adventure! I wish you much luck there; it’s always awesome when following one’s passion is an economically viable option. :) You’ll still be vampiring it up, right? ;)

  2. OF course! I’ll actually be in the Machinima offices once a week for vampire time so it’s helping keep me close with all my work friends while I chase my musical dreams.

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