Taking a stab at LARPing…

In my continued efforts to reclaim my former nerdliness, I’m taking up LARPing. No, seriously. Not like “LIGHTNING BOLT! LIGHTNING BOLT!” LARPing but pointy teeth vampire LARPing. I’m putting this up here (possibly temporarily) to get some feedback on the stats of this character. So, fellow nerds, lemme have it!

Name: Mad Hatter (aka Madeline Hatter)
Player: Elissa
Clan: Brujah

My parents were real jokers. Lovers of puns (hence my name) but not to good on that whole “foresight” thing. They were always messing around, hamming it up, playing practical jokes and pulling stupid pranks. Dad the Director and Mom the Actress even took their pranks to the set. Yeah, the crew just loved their wacky hijinks… until they got too ‘hilarious’ near the explosive rigging and… well, I’m sure you read about it in the papers a few years ago. I nominated them for a Darwin Award in their memory. My sense of humor was always somewhat darker than theirs.

Inheriting a massive pile of money right around puberty isn’t as fun as it sounds. Mostly, it’s “long lost relatives” and their lawyers showing up every week trying to wrestle their way into your bank vault. And the media does love a good tragedy. But when even your miserly trust fund allowance has more zeros on it than their paychecks, it’s easy to just buy thick drapes and keep them closed. Eventually, someone else’s parents will blow themselves up in the middle of filming ‘Harder To Die 2: Explosive Vengeance’ and the camera vultures go nest outside their house instead. They still write articles about me every now and again. Hey, fame is good for free stuff… not that I need free anything.

Some would think the combination of loss and isolation would make me bitter and cruel but… hell, you’re never alone when you have the internet! Sites like 4chan were right up my alley. I dunno what it is about online anarchy that brings the lulz but it just does it for me. Anon is legion so you’re never alone. And, what’s better, Anon is anonymous so it doesn’t matter who you are or what bullshit happened to you. If I ever had a moment where I started to get sad about my personal doldrums, I just logged on. Fuck paying for a shrink, I have my own brand of head shrinkage, thanks. I think I’m perfectly well-adjusted.

Well, except for this latest twist. I’m still working on adjusting to that. See, when chan went from being havoc and mayhem just for fun and started to become hacktivist and anti-sec for real, I thought I had found my calling. I’m not a hacker by any means (but I love the movie). I’m a skiddie at best. But I still thought maybe I could do some good by going to a frou-frou East Coast college with all the bells and whistles. I’d get a good education, maybe a degree in psychology-journalism-political science-music-law-philosophy and make the world a better place. I’m smart, I like school, whatever, sure! A 2000-something on my SATs and a fat check later and I was a college gal. Yeah, that one. The famous one. I didn’t really fit in but whatever, hey, I was gonna learn me some learnins!

Learnin’ some learnins sucked. There’s not a lot of lulz to be had in PhilosoPsychJournoMusicLawPoliSci-ism. But where there are college kids, there are protests! And where there are protests there are signs to be waived around, people to talk to, and some craziness to be had! I took up with the #Occupy movement. I believed in it, kind of. I mean, I’m not 100% on what the motives are but I’m all for more people having what they need and taxing the rich and whatever. I am the 1% and I don’t give a fuck about my money. I stand with the 99% for heath care and ending the war and long cat is long! Okay, just kidding about that last one but you get the idea. I was into the spectacle more than the cause but I also like people. Sometimes, I get to talking and I get caught up in what I’m saying (not that I necessarily believe it but it’s fun to run with it sometimes) and… well… they must have thought I was a rebel’s rebel because they made me one of the Rabble.

So I’m a vampire now. No sparkles, lots of fangs, sucking yum-yum blood, all of that. It’s not bad, I guess. My companions were a liiiiiiiittle much in the ranting and raving department but they were okay-ish. They tried to teach me some shit about the Clans and the way of the world and how I could really fight for change.

Mostly, they just fought themselves.

One by one, our coterie dropped off horror movie style. Most wanted to go to New York and take up with the main #Occupy movement. Some wanted to take up down South or go to California where some anarchist vampire shit was going down. We downsized from 7 to 0 in about two weeks. When the last two gathered up some cash (did I mention they spanged?) to take a bus to NYC, I graciously ducked out. I was booking an overnight flight back to my home in Orange County. “Something something Anarch Free States yeah bro!” and I was outta there.  I was not spending my unlife with these loud, angry whiners who accomplished nothing. They were cancer, I’m chemo.

So now I’m here and getting slightly bored. Hunting hobos since I don’t know the lay of the undead land isn’t really that fun. So it’s time to find some of “my kind” and see if they are slightly less… loud than their East Coast counter parts. I think I found some OC Fangers so… tonight should be interesting.

4 Responses to “Taking a stab at LARPing…”

  1. not bad, i dont really larp but i run table top every other saturday

  2. Tabletopping is my love. It’s what I’m most comfortable with (hence asking for feedback on the stats since I don’t know MET well).

  3. Looks pretty solid for a face. And the backstory is fantastic, I have to say. (Although the one thing that jumped out at me is that if she’s under 25, she’d have an SAT score out of 2100, because they changed the test to include writing natively in 2005. I only know this because I took the SAT the last time it was offered out of 1600, and have been getting weird looks from college kids ever since.)

    It occurs to me that I should blog about the V:tM tabletop mod that I did for my school’s vampire LARP, people might find it interesting. Oh, the joys of being a nerd.

  4. Oooooh good call! Thanks for the feedback and the critical eye!

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