More gothic home decorating

If you’re wondering, my good friends Karri and Ian are moving into a swanky new pad in so I’ve happily lent them (and by that I mean ‘thrust upon them’) my services as an interior designer. I have absolutely no credentials in this other than that I have a good eye for affordable decorations and I actually spend a lot of time googling pretty housewares. The IKEA catalog is my idea of porn. But while looking at stuff for them, I found some things that I really like that I want to share! So check it out!

First, the houses! Obvs, I kind of want both of these pads. Anyone want to help me pick them up and move them to SoCal?

I really like this entire bedroom. Its simple, clean, bright, and relaxing while still being spooky. I’m a HUGE fan of the “window treatment over the bed” – otherwise known as a bed crown. Its a really cheap and simple way to make your bedroom look uber-classy. You can either buy a curved rod to custom design your own or get a replica one in metal or plaster and live like a queen.

Remember goth kids; it doesn’t have to be all dark colors to be spooky. Often, letting black be an accent color instead of the dominant color makes all those black accents you have (like your teddy bears and that huge pile of all-black laundry) pop! Plus, if you live in an apartment (or your parents’ house) and can’t paint the walls, working with what is very likely a set of white walls instead of against them is the best method.

However, if you’re looking for some temporary ways to change up your walls and you can’t paint or wallpaper, check out some of the removable decals and wallpaper from UrbanOutfitters. I’m a HUGE fan of the Damsel wallpaper. Its in one of my favorite prints and it comes in black or pink.

They also have a bunch of removable decals that are awesome as accents if you have a blank section of wall that needs livening up. In fact, there are tons of companies doing decals nowadays so do some googling to find designs that you like. Decals are an awesome, temporary addition to any space.

Now its time for candles! What good goth kid doesn’t like candles? But going to sleep with 18 million lit candles is a great way to get burned alive. Luckily, some technophile created LED flameless candles. They flicker realistically and everything. Some companies even make candles out of real wax so they feel like the real thing. You can even get scented LED candles! Buy a few and get used to falling asleep to candlelight. Its the perfect thing to read some Poe or Rimbaud to! Note to buyers: stick with the pillar candles. They look waaaaay more realistic than the tapers!

I have always been in love with fainting couches. My mother had one in her bedroom and I use to dramatically throw myself on it at every opportunity when I was a child. So its always been something that I’ve thought belongs in any classy (or gothy) lady’s boudoir. They range wildly in price and style. I really love this one, which is actually a child’s toy box. Its a little small for an adult (only 31 inches long as compared to the average of about 55 inches for ones built for adults). But if you’re using it for an accent piece/storage bench, its SUPER cute! Its actually a toy chest so think of it as a sexy hamper, spare linen storage, off-season wardrobe holder, or place to seat all your stuffed animals. Plus, its pretty cheap!

However, if you want a full sized fainting couch, be prepared to shell out a pretty penny if you buy online. They tend to run as much or more than a full sized sofa. I’m really into the different styles and colors of the UrbanOutfitters styles but they run at $550 and only come in weird colors. (I mean aubergine and verdigris weird.) Target has something that looks almost the same for $450 in a more reasonable colors. Walmart carries cheaper ones in more basic styles but, to be honest, they look kinda ugly. Some googling found a few different styles that tend to range from about $300 to $600, with really elaborate ones going over a grand. They are definitely a piece of furniture that is not cheap but, goddamnit, I’ve always wanted one. If you live in a city that has good antique shops, you may be able to find a real period fainting couch for cheap and restore it. My mom did!

I am also in love with over-the-top headboards. Target has an entire velvet bed in a variety of colors with either a nail-detailed or button-detailed headboard that makes me weak at the knees. They are between $550 and $650, which isn’t bad for a bed, all told. But if you just want the look UrbanOutfitters has the same style (in a bunch of colors that don’t match anything else) for about $300 and Walmart has them for starting at $89 for plain upholstered and $149 for square with button detailing. They continued to go up in price as they get shaped and detailed. Short breakdown – WalMart has more colors and better prices but UrbanOutfitters has a better design for the money.

I had a hard time sharing this little detail because I don’t want everyone in the world to have my bed. But I found the absolute BEST best on and I’m pretty much dying to buy one! They have two dark brown faux-leather beds, one with a button headboard and one with a nail headboard, that I am completely head-over-heels for. They are dark brown which is my only reservation about them since this is something I’d prefer in black or white. But they are both $279 and, with site-to-store, shipping is free.

Speaking of beds, time to ditch the all-black bedding theme. As I said above, using black as an accent makes everything else you own pop. If you already have the requisite black comforter, black sheets, black pillowcases then get your ass to Bed Bath and Beyond (or wherever) and pick up some simple solid colored sheet sets. Get a pack of red satin, some lavender jersey knit, and maybe something metallic or patterned if you want to get really wacky. If you want a new bed-in-a-bag, consider the ever-class black and white damask print. It will add some visual depth to your bed and give your room a mini-makeover. If you want to get really exciting, do I print that is mostly black with another solid color, like the black and blue set below. Getting things like a few different color sheets and a duvet cover or two will completely change the feel of your room.

Also, the BEST sheets out there are the Pure Beech jersey sheets from Bed Bath and Beyond. Yes, I know a queen set is $60 but trust me on this one. Any of my friends who has lain in my bed had told me I have the most comfortable bed in the world. These sheets are worth the money. They are super soft, warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and just perfect. They come in tons of colors so feel free to get wild.

I’ve always wanted a canopy bed. While they are actually super cheap, I found that I like the canopyless canopy even better. You can hang this black mosquito netting directly from your ceiling and have it float around your bed. I actually had a netting draped bed for years and, while it was sexy, it was also a pain in the ass. It always got in the way if people slept over or if I wanted to watch tv. But it was very filmy and romantic and I kind of miss it.

Last tip? Buy this frame from Ikea. Put something in it – a mirror, artwork, a photocopy of your butt, anything! You’ve seen it in every single VH1 and MTV reality show for the past 5 years. Its cheap, it looks cool as fuck, and its versatile. If you want it to be a different color, spraypaint it. If you want it to be a mirror, find a glass store close to you and have them cut you a piece. It’ll run you about $20-$30. Viola!

So those are some tips and ideas. There will be more to come. Stay tuned!

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  4. Donna Zoppe Says:

    I was wondering where I could find the wrought iron headboard in the first bedroom picture.

  5. Great post! I am a huge fan of goth influenced interiors, and I was really exited to read this post. Thanks for your research

  6. Great picture love them all so much. Thanks for sharing.

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