Thomas Jane and Aaron Eckhart are the same dude

Look. For real. Same dude. Not even twins. Actually the same dude pretending to be different dudes to make more money.

Check it out.

Thomas Jane

Aaron Eckhart

Thomas Jane

Aaron Eckhart

Same. Dude.

Even Google thinks they are the same dude. Google search “Thomas Jane” and “Aaron Eckhart” and this image comes up for both:

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7 Responses to “Thomas Jane and Aaron Eckhart are the same dude”

  1. I know there was some broadway type thing the clone of susan surandon was in, like a ballet, maybe swan lake or something, it was on tv once and I said, that chick looks just like a young susan surandon!

    Thanks for the link to that site, there are a couple people I always thought looked like clones, like Helen Hunt and KiKi Kobieski
    and there is some model that looks just like a young cheryl tiggs, I can’t remember her name to save my life at the moment.

    There was another that looked just like Cindy Crawford… Hollywood Clones… I’m skeered! LOL

  2. I totally agree! I saw “Thursday” (a movie they both star in) and it blew my mind! I wonder if they did that movie together just to put to rest the rumour that they are the same person. Great movie, by the way.

  3. Here’s the difference betweeen the two dudes:

    Thomas Jane is way better looking than Aaron Eckhart.

    But there is a striking similarity in facial features between them, I’ll give you that.

  4. See, I see the facial structure from the pics you put up, but I think Aaron Eckhart is WAY hot. Thomas Jane? Not so much.

  5. Same.Dude. Period…

  6. They just look similar XD never noticed it though!
    I wouldn’t mind knowing either of them ;)

  7. If you ever see the movie “Molly” which both of these guys were in they look like twins – I thought for sure they were at least brothers. I actually had to Goggle to make sure they weren’t! Thomas is much hotter if you want to be picky :)

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