What have we learned about Sarah Palin? Updated!

Questions about Sarah Palin are questions about John McCain. Choosing her was the first choice he made as would-be president of the US. So when we look at his first choice, what do we see? This is not a woman who would best serve this country. This is a woman who managed DC-level corruption off in a small remote town as mayor and again as governor of our least populous state. If this is his choice for his VP, who will he pick for his cabinet? For the Supreme Court seats that may be coming available? What does this show us about his decision making? With all of that being said, let’s look at what we now know to be true about our potential VP.

Since John McCain did no real vetting of Sarah Palin before choosing her to be his running mate (note to people who aren’t super deep into politics: vetting is the expert examination and through background checking of a candidate to see if their stances match their voting record and ensure there are no scandals), the blogosphere has gone pretty wild in doing the vetting for everyone to see. And stuff just tumbles out left, right, and center. Pun intended.

Since John McCain picked Sarah Palin the night before the announcement and only talked to her twice and met her once, he neglected to find out the following:

John McCain has had four brushes with cancer. If anything were to happen to him, this woman would lead us all. Moreover, even if he remained hale and hardy, she would be doing a job she has said herself she doesn’t know how to do. Make no mistake – the VP does a lot. A VP is the President of the Senate and breaks ties that occur there. VPs are usually advisors and are often the person dispatched to attend to affairs with other heads of state. This woman is not qualified. Sarah is doing what I expected her to do; ruining the election without ruining the party. She’s a deal breaker and a big one.

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