Jeffree Star East Coast Tour: NYC

Well, I suppose now is as good a time as ever to update on today.

I’m currently sitting in Snitch, which is literally on the corner of 21st st and 6th ave. We have a booth in vip so I’m literally sitting on the corner, looking out the window onto the street. This sounds really effing cool but is really just fucking cold.

I just can’t get past my loathing of and all that goes with it. Its lamesauce.

So, we checked out of one hotel in jersey and into another closer to an hour later. The new one is shitty and sketchy and lame but whatever. What band on tour stays in a hotel every night? We ditched our shit then busted into the city to get lunch and shop with Eliza. We were all kinda pissy and tired and over taking 183843828 cabs. We’re just so sick of . Raquel lives here, Jeffree was here 18 times on business last year, and I’ve never liked it so we’re just done.

As we’re walking around, we get a call. Sarah is sick and Ultraviolet might cancel the show. And we flip out like “are we still playing? Should ultraviolet come out as our band without sarah or what?” so we’re panicing, doing damage control, making sure we still are playing no matter what.

We drove all the way back through the Lincoln tunnel, got ready so fast it aint funny, then busted back to Snitch just in time. We have to pay $53 to park the fucking van and our “merch booth” is literally the space between 2 amps. I am not kidding. We had to downgrade to 2 boxes of merch. We’ve sold like 6 hoodies. 21+ crowds are shitty for us. Older fans never buy merch because they’re to cool for school and most of our fans are younger so its questionable if we’ll sell out. Tonight, shit is packed to the walls but that’s about the only upside, in terms of making money on this night.

Now, we didn’t book this show. Ultraviolet did. So we didn’t get a deal memo. I’ve been trying to get info all day. We get here and find out that not only is our dressing room a kitchen but we’re not getting paid since its a no cover show.

Really? Really, right now?

Whatever. We have important people coming, ultraviolet are our bros, the club is good to us, and they are playing one decent song as I type this. (The Cure.)

Yesterday I got so old, it made me want to cry…

Ahem. Anyway. So we suck it up because we got some major heavyweights to come out and see us tonight. Jen from Kittie is here and we just talked about throwing a huge all ages bash when we next return. And this place is hella nice. They moved us up to VIP and are feeding our whole entourage drinks. So they’re all hella happy.

I’m just antisocial tonight. I’m not in the mood to chit chat and small talk. I’m saving myself for the important people because I have very little in me to give to other people in the flesh. Especially drunk nyc “scene” boys. Not my scene, so to speak.

There are just some nights when I’m just not in the mood to have hella fun. 21+ crowds are often these nights. I don’t like drunks when I need to work.

Sarah is powering through this set, which is what matters. Go girl!

I’m just tired. I get to see my mom tomorrow. I get to get out of NYC tomorrow. Any place that charges $53 to park should be slapped in the mouth.

Ug, I’m just in a pissy mood. We all are. But you gotta do what you gotta do. There will be many nights that I’m not in the mood or the show isn’t what we thought… bumps in the road, water under the bridge. My bad mood can’t hold me back from doing my job.

Fuck it. I’m gonna have fun, goddamnit.

New York, I’m gonna like you tonight.

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