Is everyone on this tour named Amy?

So, Jeffree Star’s little 4 day tour kinda ripped, as E Cuts would say. And now I am going to talk all about it. WHEE!

So this was my first time “tour” managing as opposed to “event” managing. The difference? It was multiple days. So YAY ME! I was the driver, merch girl, tech, FOH engineer (the people you see at the sound board during the show, if you’re curious), the accountant, the roadie, and the tour manager… which made me all sorts of happy because I like being busy.

DAY ONE – The Avalon

I dashed straight from work to Sarah Dope’s house to pick her up. After getting a little attitude from security, we walked in and I found Peaches’s TM, Amy, who gave me laminates and wrist bands. I ran about, getting everyone settled, meeting the staff, setting up sound check, and going over merch with Ben. Since we didn’t have anyone to do it and our list and crew numbers were limited, Ben and I shared the duties. He got it set up while I got everything else in order then I hopped behind the table to hawk tshirts.

Whitey’s merch girl, Nic, totally ruled. We bonded over the absolutely stunning lack of fashion sense displayed by Peaches fanbase. Gold lame pants + red leopard print shirt + aqua blue belt + tube socks + sneakers = OH HELL NO! It was bad news bears.

We had the best seat in the house to watch and could see clear to the stage. I never really knew who peaches was before going to Vegas last week. That style of music is not my thing. But I got to chatter with the Dim Mak records peeps and meet a whole bunch of J*’s friends. The bst was having to walk in Perez Hilton when they wanted him to wait at the will call. Uhhhhhhhhhh no.

DAY TWO – also the Avalon

It was pretty much the same, me running around then getting stuck at merch then me running around again. The only events of note was Jeffree making fun of Lindsay Lohan onstage and her coming up to us after, wanting to hang out. Knowing that we had tour plans in the AM, I skipped out on Hyde and Area and such both nights to settle up and be ready. I did, however, take three seconds to walk up to the Spider Club, say “this is lame”, and leave. Call me a snob but I like to sleep.

DAY THREE – Empire Theater, Sacremento

We got up at 8am to go. I ran and go my oil changed, got hit on by some crazy WOW fans (gamers!), and cleaned out my messy car before busting ASS up the 5 to Sac. I drove the whole 6 hour trip because I’m a nutcase. The theater looked like trash from the outside but inside it was fairly large. However, there was only one dressing room so they put us in their private bar next door… but some jackass painted half the floor. So we had to cordon off sections and stuff. It was annoying. We pulled up, checked in, and decided to hole up in the hotel that was suggested on the day sheet. We had been planning on staying with J*’s friend but he was in LA so we had to shell out for a hotel. Luckily, it was close by so we used it to get ready and thus avoid the dressing room fiasco.

We returned to the venue with low expectations. Jeffree was to hit the stage at 6pm… on a friday. We weren’t expecting a high turn out that early and low and behold, there were only about 40 people. As they played his intro music and Johnny and Nicole took the stage, he came up to me and hugged me. He didn’t want to play and was not happy about the turnout.

Needless to say, we were surprised. Those 40 kids made more noise than the full Avalon he had played too the night before. They screamed and pressed up into the barricade and fought to get close. Then they ALL lined up after the show, skipping Whitey’s set, to get pictures and autographs. The line, which had additions by the time his set was through, stretched all down the back of the club and around the corner wall. It was kind of intense and made us all really happy.

PS some girl literally CRIED on my shoulder when she found out I knew Jeffree. It was kinda hella intense. I was like “calm down, here is a tshirt, do you have a camera? No? I’ll take a picture and email it to you.” And she wouldn’t stop sobbing. She asked if she could touch me and I was like “…………… um. That’s different.” Kinda awkward.

The lovely Dirty Diana took 4 hours to join us but finally made it, dragging Dani along just so I could know she was real. We hung out smoking and chatting and looking at musicsecrets about Marshall. (I know who you are, my dear. Okay, you friend posted it bu still…… hee hee hee

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