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Phone hacks: the future of bad publicity stunts.

Posted in current events, funny with tags , , on February 26, 2005 by themisse

For those of you that haven’t heard or have been too busy masturbating to pictures of their own mother, the self-described T-Mobile Terrorist has struck again. This time his targets were none other than drunken Bush twin Jenna and famous-for-being-a-talentless-loser Fred Durst. Now, the pictures off Jenna’s phone look like they have been badly photoshopped, leading me to think that one (at least) was a fake. I can vouch for the veracity of the numbers in Paris’s phone book, as I double-checked them against our database here. Since the Secret Service isn’t going to bankroll my next album, I can’t check out the numbers for Jenna… if I could find them. Apparently the FBI and the SS have shit a collective brick and are bouncing about the interweb shutting down sites showcasing the material like it’s Fahrenheit 9/11.

In other news, the FCC is going to be responsible for a lot of up-standing radio jocks going out and committing murder. After all, it’s cheaper than saying fuck on the radio. And while I’m perusing Rolling Stone, they have good articles on Sinclaire’s Bias and Moveon.Org’s ineffectual bid to save the Democrats.

Let’s get one thing straight, kids; you cannot expect extremists to win the middle-of-the-road vote. The Neo-Con push is already damaging the Republican morale and they won by a landslide this year! You really think blue collar workers in Scranton are going to ‘get out the vote’ because of privatizing social security? They are trying to make ends meet now. They aren’t focusing on later. For better or worse, those are the people that decide the fate of this country.

If the Democrats want to make a come-back bid, they need a luminary. And pushing Hillary or god-forbid Obama (if you run a first term senator, you will fear my angry emails!) into the ’08 slot is just going to make things worse. Although if it really is a Rice vs. Clinton battle, that will be the greatest election in history. I’ll quit my job to watch CNN 24-hours a day. Can’t you just see someone who has been in a coma for 10 years waking up in =08 and being all “who is president?” “A black woman… who is a republican.” Their brain would explode!

Further proof that all fascists are anarchists at heart…

Posted in politics with tags , on February 26, 2005 by themisse

and vice versa. From the LA Times: “On the final leg of his European trip, the president presses his Russian counterpart. Liberty ‘is not anarchy,’ Putin responds.”

I am looking forward to being the fascist dictator of my own anarchy.

Do not go gentle into that good night

Posted in current events with tags , on February 21, 2005 by themisse

RIP Hunter S. Thompson.

It’s been a long time since something I’ve read on the net has made me gasp in shock and sadness. You lived and died by your own hand.

Tsunami Relief

Posted in current events, life, music with tags , , , , on February 19, 2005 by themisse

First and foremost, ‘Forever in our Hearts’ goes to radio at the end of the month and will be available on iTunes starting March 1st. just ran an article on it.

In the news of Miss E, I am about to go postal. I just had one of the worst couple of days of my life and what happens? I hit a fucking pothole after some asshole cut me off and I tore a two inch gash in my tire. I was the 17th car to pull into the liquor store (just the liquor store, m ind you not the gas station or just over to the side of the road) with a flat tire from the pot hole… just today! 17 fucking cars! So I am replacing the tire and billing the city for it.

But the shit thing is, the car fell off the jack twice and scratched the rim and I’m worried it fucked up the axle. And even goddamn better is the fact that I was working while it happened. I’m going to have to take a cab home from work.

I want to kick someone in the face. Any volunteers?

Call me a cunt

Posted in rant with tags on February 19, 2005 by themisse

Being called names by people on the net makes me wet. Seriously. It get s a little puddle going on down in the panties.

I got this comment today. It makes me wonder just how it is that we can get so worked up at someone else’s opinions via such a faceless medium that we react by childish measures? Why is it so common on the internet to be both utterly superiour (My IQ is 1339) and childish (bitch) in a single post? Is it the facelessness of the medium?

Here is my analogy: Image we are all sitting in a restaurant. As I’m sipping my diet coke and nibbling on my garlic bread, I’m discussing an article I read about the average IQ of a Bush voter. I’m not whispering, just conversing at a normal level. Obviously, people who happen to be seated around us can overhear our conversation. And out of nowhere, another diner walks up and sys “well, you self-hating goth freak child, my IQ is 139 and I voted for Bush. Bitch.” Would that ever happen? No. Because we’d laugh in his face about how ridiculous and pathetic of a comment it was on something that didn’t concern him.

But on the Net, such things are typical. Man, the Net cracks me up.

And now I’m off to dinner to test my theory.

Does your government have too much time on its hands?

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Chapter 110: Section 25C Unauthorized destruction or mutilation of registered articles

Section 25C. No person shall without the written consent of the owner wilfully destroy, mutilate or deface any registered towel, garment, apron, bed linen or table linen, or wilfully erase, mar, cover, remove or alter any word or name printed, branded, stamped or otherwise produced in a permanent manner upon such towel, garment, apron, bed linen or table linen.



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